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Employee Mental Health

The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. Whether they are feeling symptoms of distress caused by personal or work-related issues, there is a very good chance it will be expressed at work. This is why, at Cerebrum, we offer a Mental Fitness Program to companies throughout Quebec. This initiative aims to keep employees healthy, present at work, and productive.

Our Added Value

1. Interdisciplinary approach (a team of professionals for each employee)
2. Personalized programs
3. Marketing for increased utilization rate
4. Flexible financial structure

Could you be offering
more to your employees?

Our Packages

Corporate Package
(10 - 350 employees)
    ⇨ Virtual Care
    ⇨ Personalized Sessions
    ⇨ Interdisciplinary Team
    ⇨ +1 Family Member add-on
    ⇨ Marketing Support
    ⇨ Onboarding and File Creation
    ⇨ Customizable for small and
    growing businesses
Executive Package
    ⇨ Virtual Care
    Unlimited Sessions
    ⇨ Interdisciplinary Team
    ⇨ +1 Family Member add-on
    ⇨ Claimable Credit
We are committed to helping you keep your
employees healthy and productive at work.