Asked Questions

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What is Cerebrum?

Cerebrum is a private Telehealth Clinic which focuses on your mental fitness by evaluating, improving and maintaining the 4 Pillars of one’s mental health: Nutrition, Physical activity, Sleep and Therapy.

Do I need to commute for my sessions?

No, Cerebrum is a virtual service. You can attend your video sessions from anywhere that suits you.

What is the pay structure?

Pay per session: since Cerebrum focuses on a tailored approach for each individual, you will only be charged for the sessions you use. Other than a minimal monthly fee, there is no upfront cost.

How much does it cost?

Please call us for pricing.

Which method of payment do you accept?

Credit card, debit card, e-transfers.

Who are the healthcare professionals?

Each client has a dedicated team composed of an Intake Worker, Nutritionist/Dietitian, Kinesiologist and Therapist/Counsellor.

How do I attend my sessions?

You will receive a link to connect with your professional prior to each session that you book. Simply click on the link and wait for your Professional to start your session.

Do I need to have my video camera on during my sessions?

Although it is not mandatory to have your camera on, we do strongly suggest that you do to help improve your quality of care.

I don’t have a camera, can I still use Cerebrum?

Yes, a camera is not mandatory although it is recommended.

On what devices can I do my sessions?

You may use any computer or smart mobile device that gives you have access to the link that connects you to your session.

Do I need to download an application for my sessions?

No. For your convenience, our Telehealth service uses a web-based video software for which no application is required.

Can I exclude one of the services from my plan?

No. In order to stay true to our goals and values, every client must go through the evaluation of each of our Pillars: nutrition, physical activity, sleep and therapy. Nonetheless, once evaluation is done, a client may require less frequent session with a particular professional.

Are the services covered by my insurance?

Although we cannot guarantee that you will be covered, most of our services are covered by private insurances.

When should I use Cerebrum?

For any symptoms of anxiety, stress, burnout and/or depression. As we promote Mental Fitness, Cerebrum is really for anyone interested in simply improving and maintaining their mental state. It will help build resilience and give you tools to face the adversities we all inevitably encounter.

Is my information private and protected?

Yes, all information provided is confidential and all our software is adequately encrypted and protected.

What are Cerebrum’s hours of operation?

We offer flexible hours ranging from the morning to the evening and Mondays through Saturdays. We work with you to find the most convenient time.

What languages does Cerebrum offer their services?

Cerebrum offers their services in either French or English.

Do you have feelings of anxiety, depression or any inclination to your mental health?